I've been a professional software engineer for more than a decade. In that time I've worked on so many different products and technologies: from AAA video games to iPad apps for tractors, game frameworks/engines to educational technology solutions. You can find a full history on LinkedIn if that interests you.

Outside of my work I also write a variety of tools, scripts, packages, and whatnot which I release on GitHub. I've always been a fan of open source and continue to believe that sharing code is a key way to enable others to learn and build their own projects.


I've been musical my whole life, growing up playing trumpet in concert, marching, and jazz bands. To continue expanding my knowledge and love of music, I'm studying music composition part time with Berklee Online, focused on film, TV, and video games. I love the idea of writing music to accompany creative works, but I also enjoy writing music that stands on its own. A selection of my work can be found on SoundCloud.

I recently started composing for projects, starting with The Hard Move, a Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) RPG discussion podcast produced by my brother Matthew who asked me to create the music for his intro/outro.

If you're working on some kind of project that requires music, send me an email with some details and maybe we can collaborate.


Because writing code all day and studying music wasn't enough, I also enjoy creating games when I can find the time with my brother as Brushfire Games. We've so far released two games but hope to create more in the future.

The first game we released, Shipwreck, is a top down adventure game in the spirit of classic Zelda games. The game released on Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Indie Games), Windows, Mac, and Linux, and while the Xbox Live Indie Games channel is no longer around the game is still available via Steam or Itch for download.

Our follow up was Polychromatic, a physics based two stick shooter that had a fairly unique flat art style with vibrant pops of color. Polychromatic released on Xbox One and Steam, and is still available for purchase on both platforms. We were very excited for the chance to create a full Xbox Live title for Xbox One, complete with achievements and leaderboards.