Nick Gravelyn

Composer for film and video games


Ready the Ship
Sketch for Spring
Take My Hand
A Walk In Paris
A Journey Begins
In Town
Seaside Chill
Sand Walker


Nick Gravelyn is a career software developer transitioning to the world of composing music for film and video games. As a long time musician Nick has always felt a drive to create his own musical works. He looks forward to a future where he can put his sonic stamp on games, films, and other visual media.

To further his musical creativity and skillset, Nick is currently enrolled with Berklee College of Music's online extension school and is working towards a degree in Music Composition with a focus on visual media.

Nick lives a short distance from Seattle, Washington with his wife, baby daughter, and dog.


Nick isn't currently looking for new work, but if you have a question or want to connect with him for future projects, please use the form below to send him a message.

Alternatively you can email Nick directly or connect with him on Twitter.

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