Nick Writes Music

Nick Gravelyn aspires to create music as narrative. Whether it's revealing the inner thoughts of film characters, taking a listener on a journey in a standalone composition, or helping to set a clear tone and focal point for a podcast, Nick believes music is a uniquely powerful medium capable of connecting a listener to an emotion or feeling with just a few well thought out notes.

Nick in a suit on a swing Nick grew up musical, playing trumpet for many years in concert, marching, and jazz bands. He later studied part time with Berklee College of Music's online program, focusing on music composition for film, television, and games. He leverages this background and education to create compositions that attempt to get at the heart of their subjects, focusing on the larger intent instead of music for music's sake.

Nick is a full time software engineer at Enlearn in Seattle, WA. When he's not helping change the world of educational technology, he's spending time with his family or flexing his creativity by writing music or designing video games with Brushfire Games.