Nick Gravelyn

Skilled engineer with 10+ years of experience building software in a variety of collaborative environments. Highly customer focused, with a history of successful partner engagements and an aptitude for bridging product and engineering teams. Passionate about finding the best solution to the right problems, and always ready to learn and leverage new tools, technologies, and approaches.

Senior Software Engineer, Stripe

May 2019 — Present

Engineer working on building a world class support experience for all Stripe users.

Engineering Lead, Enlearn

July 2015 — Sept 2016, May 2017 — May 2019

Hired as senior engineer and promoted to engineering lead to set the architecture and technology roadmap for a small team of seven engineers. Participated in internal feature prioritization, provided mentorship and guidance to the engineering team, and lead development work for external partners.

Key accomplishments:

  • Created compiler and virtual machine for a novel programming language designed around authoring educational content with real time grading and assistive feedback
  • Drove architecture and implementation of company’s next generation content management and machine learning backend leveraging NodeJS and Amazon Web Services
  • Lead development efforts for external partnerships, delivering software and services at high quality directly leading to an increase in partner engagement

Senior Software Engineer in Test, Unity Technologies

Sept 2016 — May 2017

First SDET hired for virtual/augmented reality team. Lead engineering efforts to improve testability of engine code, both through individual contributions as well as educating team on test practices. Contributions lead to notable increases in efficiency and coverage for VR/AR test team.

Key accomplishments:

  • Implemented system for simulating VR/AR device input in a large game engine code base within a month of starting on team
  • Consolidated disparate test scenarios and apps created by multiple testers into unified suite, leading to a dramatic reduction in time spent during test passes
  • Helped test team incorporate test suite management tools and processes to improve efficiency of multi-device, multi-platform test passes across full range of VR/AR scenarios

Software Engineer, Independent Contractor

Sept 2012 — July 2015

Independent contractor hired for a variety of projects, bringing both production and test engineering skills. Utilized diverse experience and ability to quickly learn and adapt to provide high value to multiple projects.

Radius Inc

  • Lead small test team for enterprise iOS application, providing architecture and mentorship to junior engineers
  • Wrote and supported a Ruby and Objective-C test architecture to enable engineers to write automated black-box tests of iOS app reliant on complex display and network input/output

Turn 10 Studios

  • Authored tooling to enable studio architect and leads to easily switch between multiple Xbox One SDKs to enable experimentation and prototyping
  • Wrote and maintained parts of a complex C++/C# AAA video game studio build pipeline

Software Engineer, Microsoft

March 2009 — Sept 2012

Engineer and tester for Zune HD, Xbox 360, and Xbox One products. Utilized multiple roles to learn skills in both product and test engineering. Took initiative to further expand responsibilities to include API design, program management, and partner engagement.

Software Engineer, Xbox Studios

  • Successfully brought a struggling Xbox 360 app to ship in short time after being assigned to replace the original development partner
  • Assisted an external partner in incorporating Xbox Live technology for Curiosity Mars Rover Xbox 360 game
  • Implemented UI for real-time polling and results display for 2012 Election app on Xbox 360

Software Engineer in Test, Xbox Platform

  • Coauthored test framework to support automated and manual testing of XNA Game Studio for Windows, Xbox 360, and Windows Phone
  • Expanded role to include program management of the integration of Silverlight and XNA in Windows Phone 7.5, including API design and project management
  • Volunteered for cross-discipline committee to help further independent game development causes within Microsoft
  • Created and maintained coding guidelines and samples for XNA Game Studio developer education

Contract Software Engineer, Zune

  • Sole engineer on a large number of games/apps for Zune HD
  • Created UI framework used in first- and third-party apps, including Facebook and Twitter